social mediaOnce while traveling, I stole a moment by a quiet pool. It began to rain. As the first drops hit the water, I noticed that each one leapt from the surface, creating a tiny splash ~ and within moments the surface looked like the playground at recess: kids running in every direction, just for the joy of it! Running, dancing, tagging, playing, laughing in sheer delight! Just like those carefree children, the raindrops dancing in the pool fed each other’s energy, tiny splashes colliding like bumper cars, propelling each other in new directions.

Social Media, when used effectively, is just like that shimmering pond. Just think what would happen if we channeled all that energy! Important messages would get out. Needs would be met. Lives would be changed. It may have been designed as a pleasant distraction for our leisure moments, but in this “WE” generation, social media could not have arrived at a more perfect time for those in business. It allows us to show up in myriad expressions, share a valuable message, and presto! We effect transformation. Powerful!

Are you harnessing the power of Social Media to stand tall in your industry? Is the energy from the pebble you drop in the water making waves in your market? Who are you jostling?

As a thought leader, are you

  • consistently dropping pebbles?
  • making waves?
  • sparking comments?
  • creating new dynamics?
  • generating energy?
  • propelling your tribe in new directions?
  • are you … effecting change?

Are you nurturing relationships with other thought leaders who excite you and inspire you to action?

Or (equally valuable) do their messages make you uncomfortable?

Do their pings deflect your course, creating a new trajectory for your own message and mission?

In short, do your readers walk away from the dancing pond, still captivated by the memory of your powerful words?

I would love to write for you, so that you can connect with those who are waiting for you to show up! They need a service you provide. Your wisdom and insight. Your connections. Your story. And some may need you to restore their hope. Once they find you and discover what you offer, it won’t be long before they are buzzing with eagerness to work with you! Let’s create channels of communication so that your message can fill them with the energy rising from your dancing raindrops!

Let’s schedule a time to meet!