ghostwriting Not everyone likes to write. If you are an entrepreneur, you are passionate about your business. You have so much valuable knowledge, and so many great ideas to share. You’ve spent your life building the skills to support your business, and now to serve your market. You thrive at networking events and even enjoy taking speaking engagements, sharing your passion about what you do! But do you know how to write about it?

I love to write. I live for language! I have a marketer’s heart, and love to use the written word to serve my clients who aren’t particularly fond of this aspect of business. I use the written word to paint each one in the best light (personal bios), to package his body of knowledge and his unique perspectives in great little print-bites (e-zines, blogs, articles and teaching modules), and to market his amazing services (brochures, emails, and webcopy). I love the challenge of discovering who you are, what you are called to do, discerning your voice, matching it, and finding a way to package all that in such a way that you can reach your market through print media.

Need help with some written aspect of your business? Would you trust me with your words? Let’s schedule a session today, and engage your audience in new ways!