Wolf Howling at MoonlightYou are itching to reach your market and to serve their needs. You have years of experience behind you, a body of work and a level of expertise which must be shared. Of course you want your voice to be heard! But there are so many others in your industry, competing for the same attention. How do you manage to be heard above the cyber noise?

In today’s business climate, the savvy entrepreneur must adopt the new tools which are specific to online marketing. In addition to being active on a few key Social Media sites, it is essential to have at least one major platform where you can be heard above the noise in your industry.

Here are three platforms which your competitors are using to get the word out about their services within your industry:


As I mentioned on the E-Newsletter page, this medium is the gold standard for communicating with your clients, keeping them up-to-date and engaged. It is impossible to overestimate the online newsletter as a powerful tool for cultivating relationships with your readers. The Newsletter tunes them in to cutting edge developments within your industry, updates them on your activities, and highlights your position as a front-running professional in your niche.


Your Blog complements the role of your Newsletter by adding a more personal dimension to the routine communications with your market. Some blogs adopt a purely professional tone, some take a casual approach to covering day-to-day developments within your company, and some resemble mini teaching modules. No matter which format you choose, when it comes to engaging the hearts and minds of your target market, your Blog can be the most flexible and the most effective tool in your toolkit.


Video communication has skyrocketed in both popularity and effectiveness as a marketing tool in the last ten years. YouTube, Vimeo, and other video platforms have catapulted the use of small clips to transform traditional ‘sound bites’ into highly targeted video bites. They now make it possible for you to keep a library of clips at your fingertips (your own channel), where the one-time viewer is easily drawn into a carousel of clips designed to capture their attention (and convert them to a paying client). This fluid medium is perfectly suited to reach new markets, to inform, and to inspire the kind of curiosity which results in increased click-through rates – not to mention spike after spike in your sales!

If you want to be heard in this market, these are the tools you can no longer ignore. Want to know more? Let’s schedule a session to strategize about how we can channel your expertise into the kind of print- and video-bites which are designed to take the pain out of your marketing!