leaves in autumn forestCopyediting and formatting websites are two of my favorite things to do. I love seeing your ideas flow in a natural way – one which expresses your personality, and which draws attention to your expertise and your brand. I love ferreting out all the little spelling, punctuation and grammar issues, playing with effective word choice, and adding a little structure to the composition where it’s needed. That’s the writer and the language teacher in me.


But once the copy is ready to be posted, I know that the words which fit together perfectly in a Word document will show up differently on the actual web page. At this point, the closeted artist and the formatting queen kick in. I like to put on my artist/editor spectacles, and take a second look. Is the copy truly error-free? Are the fonts large enough, are they reader-friendly, and do they complement your brand? Do the color-schemes match your brand and enhance the look of your site? Are the graphics well-chosen, well-positioned, properly sized, and do they strengthen the message on each page? I am not a web-designer, but if your website has been built in WordPress (and with the permission of your designer*), I am able to go into the back end and catch the little things which still need attention before your site goes live. Whether it is tweaking the wording, formatting the fonts, adding new headings, choosing or editing graphics, or adding hyperlinks to optimize navigation, I really enjoy the process of giving your site its final polish.

Will you trust me with these last important details? Let’s schedule a session to brainstorm about what we can do together!

*I am very careful to respect all the amazing work that your web designer has done. My purpose is only to elevate the look of your site by supporting the final edits and formatting of your web copy.