Mountains covered with trees at sunset.Who paints the face of your business?

Think about the energy that you bring to a networking event or a sales call. Each time you meet a new prospect, do you smile, look him straight in the eye, and step forward with a strong handshake?  For generations, these are the tools we have used to create that all-important first impression.  As we prepare to meet a new teacher, employer, colleague, prospect, or competitor, we interweave all our best qualities into a carefully chosen tone of voice, a warm smile, a direct gaze, and a firm handshake.  This is how we set the stage for new opportunities.

But in the internet generation, these elements are not always available to express the strong character, good will, insight, vision, and expertise which characterize your personality and embody your brand. The unfair reality is that your prospects form their impressions based on the text and graphics of your website. These are the new elements which have pre-empted your personal touch, and which create that first impression. A poor substitute for personal contact, putting you at a serious disadvantage.

So, how do you translate the passion of your message and the energy of your smile and handshake into words which will captivate your site visitor?  How do you write a message which touches, targets, entices, and transforms?

That’s where I come in. You know what you want to say, and how you want your site visitors to feel. My job is to craft the language so that your words are clear, polished, expressive, and compelling, striking the exact emotional tone which speaks to your unique market.

Will you trust me with your words?  Let’s schedule a strategy session to do just that!