An image of a rope in a port of USAIt was on a boat dock in Le Havre, France, that I first fell in love with Language. I had just turned ten, and my father had taken a post at the American Embassy. The two locals who met our ship were loading our luggage into the staff car bound for Paris. Spellbound, I watched as they waved their hands in the air, talking in tones and syllables I had never heard before. This new language was curious and beautiful at the same time! Over the next few formative years, I rubbed shoulders with a wide cross-section of people, from local merchants to visiting dignitaries, and quickly discovered the unlimited potential of language to break down barriers, level playing fields, embody personality, express good will, and to touch, attract, connect, and persuade. Although French was hard at first, I was fascinated with the endless mysteries and playfulness of language. I went on to study German, Spanish, and ASL. I later pursued my MA in Deaf Ed, because the challenge for deaf children hinges on language mastery. I have always loved to write, to interpret, and to teach. My greatest joy is to work with second language learners, equipping them with the skills they need to succeed in their chosen “life niches”.

Friends girlsSo Language is my thing.

But as much as I enjoy reading dictionaries and watching foreign movies for fun, the real reason I gobble up language and write for others is so that I can give each client a decisive edge as he aims to make a difference in his corner of the planet. I believe that language carries the power to paint a picture of who we are, to build bridges to places we want to go, and to connect us to friends we have yet to meet. It is the most effective vehicle we have to make our initial offer, as we appeal to those whom we are meant to serve.

So, now you know WHY – but HOW do I do what I do?

AN AMBASSADOR is one on a mission. An agent of international good will, he acts as the representative of those who sent him, and has a specific job to do. As your Language Ambassador, my mission is to find the messaging which will faithfully represent you, draw attention to your brand, and create an important connection to your market.

FOR THE FOREIGN AMBASSADOR, the mission is much more complex than the assigned task itself. Before the work can begin, he must invest himself in bridging cultures, learning the other’s language, and forging relationships. The process for the professional service provider is much the same. You know the problems which you solve for your clients, and the transformation you provide. But before that work can begin, you have to bridge cultures, walk into their world, learn the language which speaks to your market, and demonstrate your ability to forge the relationship which will make the transformation possible.

leakage of diplomatic secrets via business suitcaseHOW DO WE CREATE A MESSAGE which conveys the passion we bring to our work? In this online world, much of this process hinges on the written word: web copy, newsletters, press releases, email campaigns, blog posts, teaching modules. As the Language Ambassador, my purpose is to help with this Language piece, enabling you to define and claim your USP*, to stand tall and stand apart in your industry, and to maximize your effectiveness.

THE YEARS WE SERVED ABROAD provided the perfect classroom for me to discover how all this works. An apprentice-servant to our French hosts, I became a student of everything and everyone around me. I learned to observe, to listen, to suspend judgment in the face of differences, to honor those whose country and culture were on loan to us, and to serve with delight and abandon.

ps1I COME TO YOU as a seasoned Writer, Interpreter, Teacher, Marketer, and Ambassador. The Writer looks at the whole of your message, synthesizes and structures it. The Interpreter is always looking for the exact words and nuances of meaning to carry the import of your brand. The Teacher keeps an eye on those areas where your target market may need to learn about you and the value of what you offer (why they need you!). The Marketer looks for the persuasive angle. And the Ambassador first investigates the nature of your clients and their needs, and then extends the hand of good will and service on your behalf. When I write for you, all these elements come together: I uncover the essence of who you are, consider the needs of those whom you serve, and highlight all that you are called to bring to them. I find your voice, and match it. The opportunity to distill those elements into a message which inspires them, and calls them to invest in transformation – this is my sacred responsibility.

Whether editing your copy, designing your brochure, or writing your “About Me” story, as your Language Ambassador, my Mission is to Craft Your Message.

Will you trust me with your words?

Pat Stainke  <><

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* USP – Unique Selling Proposition