“About Me” Story

DarlaPat took my basic story and created a work of art. She found a way to express the passion that I have for my business directly from my heart, and highlighted the most important parts with just the right touch. I recently added a new client who said that when she read my “about me” page, she knew I was the coach she had been looking for. She stated she was so touched, she cried. I know it was Pat’s writing which drew her in like a magnet.

~ Darla Debbeler-Kirchner, CBizSchool.com





Alana 3“Dear Pat, I just finished reading through your edits. It looks fabulous! Exactly like what we are looking for. The description of your process “to correct misspelled words, missing punctuation, and to replace the occasional unintended word with the intended one… adding an italicized a word or an exclamation point where I feel it adds impact to the sentence and is in alignment with the intention of the passage” is completely in line with what I had hoped! Your decisions on where to insert italics and replace em-dashes with ellipses are perfect. They really complement the authors’ voices wonderfully! You caught all those little typos that would drive me crazy in print and wisely reformatted or rephrased unclear phrasing. I completely agree with your instincts in those choices. Wonderful job! THANK YOU! I knew you’d be the perfect fit as soon as I read your bid. :)”
~ Alana Garrigues, Children’s Book Writers of Los Angeles   cbw-la.org



Website Review / Rewrite

steven“Pat Stainke is an incredibly easy editor to work with. She made it very easy to quickly spot which changes I loved and which I didn’t wish to keep by placing my original and her improved version in a side by side format. She has a clear eye for detail and working with her will definitely add polish to any piece you have her edit!”

~ Steve Baerg, TheStressReliefCoach.com





Article Completion

Staci Ann“Before Pat completely reworked my article, I was struggling to write an article that would interest my audience while giving valuable content. But Pat worked her magic, and she created an awesome article that matched my “voice” perfectly. Pat saved me hours of frustration, and I am excited to work with her again soon!”

~ Staci Ann, StaciAnn.com