Our Words Define our Brand

We have all experienced pain around writing for business. We know how important it is to get it right. But even when we live and breathe our message, putting it into words isn’t always easy. Do some of these scenarios sound familiar?

Do you …

>  Dread writing your articles?

>  Wonder why you can’t quite get your message into words?

>  Fight that nagging feeling that something’s not right? (typos, grammar mistakes, missed punctuation…)

>  Struggle to strike the right emotional tone?

>  Stress over your open rate?

>  Worry that your readers aren’t convinced that you understand their pain points?

>  Agonize over the look and feel of your website, brochures, and sales pages?

In this online economy, our words are the face of our brand. They must faithfully represent who we are, accurately describe what we have to offer, and effectively touch our market. That’s a tall order… 

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Writing Services


After three years in the Social Media Marketing space, I write with the heart of a marketer. I know what drives sales, increases open rates, and fosters lively social engagement.

“About Me” Story

“About Us” (History and Profile of a Company / its Team)

Newsletters and E-zines

Press Releases

Blog Posts

Social Media Updates

Although I do offer writing services à la carte, my specialty is creating a custom package for the launch of your new or rebranded business.

Ask about my package prices here!

Let’s schedule a session to talk about your business, and how I can serve you!


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Editing Services

After years in the classroom, teaching French and ESL*, I have a deep sense of language. The interpreter in me is passionate about effective word choice, and meticulous about grammar, accuracy of verb tense, spelling and punctuation. When I edit your webpages, emails, blog posts and teaching modules, I bring this kind of attention to detail to all your copy. But even with these nuts and bolts in place, if the composition and structure of a message is lacking, it won’t make your intended mark.

Leave it all to me – I think like both a writer and an editor, and won’t let it go until your message is compelling!

Web pages

>  Teaching Modules

>  Free Reports

Blog posts

>  Sales Letter

>  Streamlining your Feature and Benefit statements

Let’s schedule a session to talk about your business, and how I can serve you!

Be sure to ask about my Package Prices!

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Good writing is supposed to evoke sensation in the reader - not the fact that it is raining, but the feeling of being rained upon. ~ E. L. Doctorow

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