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We have all experienced pain around writing for our business. We know how important it is to get it right. Some of these may sound familiar.

Do you …

  • Dread writing your articles and blog posts, resisting every step in the process?
  • Know you have a great message but wonder why you just can’t get it across?
  • Fight that nagging feeling that something’s not right? (typos, grammar mistakes, missed punctuation…)
  • Worry that your readers aren’t convinced you understand their pain points?
  • Struggle to find your voice and the right emotional tone, consistent across your brand?
  • Stress over the open rate on your newsletters?

In this online economy, our words are the face of our brand. We want them to faithfully represent who we are, accurately describe what we have to offer, and effectively touch our market. That’s a tall order.

Is there anything more painful than to read a powerful message which is poorly written? Whether consciously or unconsciously, we know we can be judged if we struggle to speak or write well.

How great would it be if you could say …

  • My marketing message is sharp, focused, and hits the mark every time.
  • My clients know I ‘get’ their pain and they value the solutions that I offer.
  • I know my emails are error free.
  • My articles speak in a way that touches my market.
  • My clients recognize my voice, and it is consistent across my brand.
  • My newsletters are converting to paying clients!
  • My brochures make a good impression and complement my brand.
  • My teaching modules are well-organized, adding to the clarity of my message.
  • The graphics on my website add value to the text and drive home each point I am trying to make.

Yes, love is in the details! Will you trust me with your words? I would love to help you give them that final polish! Let’s get started!

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