After years in the classroom, teaching French and ESL*, I have a deep sense of language. The interpreter in me is passionate about effective word choice, and meticulous about grammar, accuracy of verb tense, spelling and punctuation. When I edit your webpages, emails, blog posts and teaching modules, I bring this kind of attention to detail to all your copy. But even with these nuts and bolts in place, if the composition and structure of a message is lacking, it won’t make your intended mark.

Leave it all to me – I think like both a writer and an editor, and won’t let it go until your message is compelling!

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If your copy tends to be wordy, I will distill it into something more efficient. In addition, my marketing mind kicks into high gear, and I read my own words with the eyes of your target market.

Although I do offer writing and editing services à la carte, my specialty is creating a custom package for the launch of your new or rebranded business.

*ESL English as a Second Language

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